Session 3 – Building Poise and Disciplines into our Child’s Heart

Here are some ways to teach and model Poise to your children.

  1. Teach your children to resolve conflict in an honorable way. (See Ephesians 4:25-32 for some great guidelines)
  2. Invite a foreign student into your home for a meal and visit. Have your children prepare questions beforehand to find out more about their guest.
  3. Have your children write notes or emails of thanks to people who regularly help them. (teachers, friends, coaches, youth leaders, their pastor)
  4. The next time you experience one of “Life’s Most Embarrassing Moments”, use it as an opportunity to tell your kids how you felt and what you did.
  5. Prepare a fancy dinner using the best china and silverware. Have everyone dress up and use this occasion to teach your children proper etiquette for that situation.
  6. Take your children through a mock interview to prepare them for their first job interview.
  7. Teach your children how to take care of their own clothing and keep it ready to wear.
  8. Fathers, take your daughters through a fashion magazine and discuss modesty and beauty with her. Let her do most of the talking. Chime in with kudos for poised choices.
  9. Have a father/daughter and/or mother/son date and use this occasion to coach them in appropriate behavior and conversation. (Great for pre-adolescence)1
  10. Next time you see an umpire or official make a bad call, talk to your child about the reaction of the athletes.

Here are some ways to teach and model Disciplines to your children.

  1. Take your children to juvenile court to listen to some cases. Afterward take them out for a soda and discuss the subject of “consequences”.
  2. Have them study a musical instrument long enough to learn about the discipline and benefit of practice.
  3. Enroll them in a team sport where their faithful attendance and participation is required.
  4. Assign daily chores and hold them responsible to perform them with a non-complaining attitude. (make their bed, pick up their clothes, set/clear the table, feed the pets)
  5. Have them tithe every Sunday from their allowance.
  6. Help them develop the discipline of coming home from school and completing their homework. Provide an inviting, distraction free environment for them to concentrate.
  7. Have them choose a missionary or child of a missionary that they will communicate with monthly.
  8. When they are old enough, teach them to use an alarm clock. Give them the responsibility to set it and get up for school on time. If they fail to get up and are late for school, don’t circumvent the consequences. (principal, detention, no breakfast, etc.)
  9. Help them memorize an elaborate poem or passage of scripture and recite it for the family. (Applaud loudly)