Session 5 – Designed Dilemmas

When it comes to building character into our child’s heart, we must develop lessons for our children that marry theory to practice, compelling them to wrestle with and own these critical character traits. That is where designed dilemmas come in. They are the lab following the lectures that allow our children to see our teaching demonstrated in real life.

It might be easier to just teach them the principles of character but until they get to practice them, they are just words. There will come a time when we aren’t there to talk to them about character; that’s when they have to have made it their own. Designed dilemmas do that.

Five Designed Dilemmas you might want to try:

  1. Have your younger children find your car at the Mall or in the church parking lot. Have your older children (licensed drivers) drive through rush hour traffic.
  2. Arrange for your child to be given too much change and see what they do.
  3. After setting up a “fire escape plan”, set off the fire alarm at night, stand outside, and see what your children do.
  4. Give them a budget for their back to school clothing. Let them decide how they will spend it, knowing that when it is gone, they will have to earn the money for things they still need or want.
  5. Next time you travel by air, have your child navigate your way through the airport, finding the right gates and inner airport transportation.