Session 6 - Encouragement for Grace Based Parents

  1. Remember, God chose you to parent your children. With His help, you can do an amazing job. (If you are not sure you have a personal relationship with God, go to the Appendix in your workbook and read through “How to become a friend of God by accepting His Grace”.)
  2. Pray for your children. One of the greatest acts of love for our children is to bring them before God each day in prayer.
  3. Pray with your children. Give thanks with them at mealtime and entrust them to God at bedtime.
  4. Pray for their future spouse and the parents who are raising this child.
  5. Find a mentor. All of us need someone who will encourage us, help us scrutinize our lives and hold us accountable to the goals that keep our families on target.
  6. Keep your marriage strong. An annual marriage conference or retreat and regular dates help to build a strong marriage.
  7. Keep short accountants with those family members who seem to undermine your parenting. (ex-spouse, grandparents) Always take the high road and do what is right.
  8. Spend individual time with each of your children. Use this time to affirm them and project a hopeful future.
  9. Spend daily time in the Bible. God has instruction and encouragement for us no matter what we are facing.
  10. Realize that apart from God, you are the most influential person in your child’s life. Children don’t expect perfection but they do respond to authenticity.

God bless you as you love your kids the way He loves His – with Grace!

When you complete this study, we encourage you to complete the Weekend Planner found in the back of the Raising Kids Who Turn Out Right book or you may download it below. This simple, life-changing exercise is a very practical and powerful way of implementing all that you have learned in this study.