Session 6 - Meeting Your Child’s Need For A Strong Hope

Tim says that grace-based parents transfer a strong hope to their children by turning their unique, God-given abilities into assets, leading the way in living a great spiritual adventure, and working to turn both their victories and defeats into a series of positive accomplishments.

Here are some practical ways to instill a strong hope into your child’s heart.

  1. Tell them about a time when you were required to do something that required you to trust in God’s help. Tell them how you saw God work.
  2. Assure them verbally and with your daily actions that you will always be there for them no matter what they do. Tell them that is how God loves us.
  3. Find out something they would like to learn how to do (fly fish, drive the boat, paint, sew, play a new sport, make a musical recording) and take them through the process of developing a new ability.
  4. Use the Kids Flag Page to identify their God-given strengths and abilities. Use the helpful book included in the kit, Discovering Your Child’s Heart, to learn what you can do to maximize these abilities. You will also know from the Kids Flag Page game where their weaknesses lie. Make a special effort to help them make the most of them.
  5. Let your child see you taking on something that has frightened or intimidated you in the past and see how you overcome that obstacle with God’s help and your willingness to live an adventure.
  6. Take your children camping and teach them some survival skills. At age appropriate times, have them take over some of the packing, set up and clean up.
  7. On the next airplane or train trip, assign navigation of the airport or train station to your child. Let them read the ticket and find the right departure gate.
  8. The next time your child does something heroic or stands up for the underdog, award them with the Metal of Courage.
  9. Make a big deal out of accomplishments that require your child to go out of their comfort zone to get something done and to do something for someone else.
  10. Have your child make a “Bucket List” for this decade of their life. Start to make a plan with them to accomplish those goals.