Session Descriptions

SESSION 1 | The Big Picture of Grace Based Parenting

  • Introducing Grace
  • A Biblical Job Description for Parents
  • The Benefits of Grace Based Parenting
  • The Impact of Grace Based Parenting

SESSION 2 | Why Well Meaning Parenting Falls Short

  • How Well Meaning Parents Get Off Course
  • The Answer to the Dilemma - Grace!
  • Great Kids Don't Happen by Accident

SESSION 3 | The Truth Behind Grace

  • Grace as the Balance Between Extremes
  • Legalism vs. License
  • The Relationship Between Grace and Truth
  • Be a Lighthouse for Your Children

SESSION 4 | A Secure Love

  • The Three Inner Needs of Every Child
  • Defining Love
  • Three Ways to Build a Secure

SESSION 5 | A Significant Purpose

  • Building a Life That Makes a Difference
  • The Four Levels of Purpose
  • Three Ways to Build Purpose into Your Child's Heart
  • Its Never Too Late

SESSION 6 | A Strong Hope

  • Building Hope by Helping the Helpless
  • Three Ways to Build Hope into Your Child's Heart
  • Following a Recipe

SESSION 7 | The Freedom to be Different

  • Creating an Atmosphere of Grace in Your Home
  • The Many Faces of "Different"
  • Household Rule or Biblical Issue?
  • Reading the Signs of "Different" Behavior

SESSION 8 | The Freedom to be Vulnerable

  • Make it Safe for Your Children to Express Their Emotions
  • Balancing Facts and Feelings
  • The Importance of the Three Inner Needs
  • Handling Children's Vulnerabilities with Respect

SESSION 9 | The Freedom to be Candid

  • Candor - the Right Kind of Honesty
  • Creating a Safe Place to Discuss Difficult Issues
  • Leaving Honor Intact When You Disagree

SESSION 10 | The Freedom to Make Mistakes

  • Connection vs. Guilt as a Motivator
  • Obedience to God Rather Than a Standard
  • Don't Panic When They Struggle
  • Grace - The Ideal Environment for Children to Process the Good and the Bad.