Session 6 – Truly Abundant Thinking

When it comes to abundant thinking and scarcity thinking, our relationship with our friends and family members is where the rubber meets the road. Learn some great tips on how to be a truly great abundant thinker by checking out Ten Ways to be a Great Family Member and Ten Ways to be a Great Friend.  

10 Ways to Be a Great Member of the Family

  1. Everybody helps everybody…always, in whatever ways are needed.
  2. Be upbeat, positive, and encouraging.
  3. Remember, “please” and “thank you” are not just good manners; they’re the calling cards of a grateful heart.
  4. Have a lot of fun, just not at the expense of anyone else.
  5. Each week, do your best to eat as many meals as possible together as a family.  You’ll cut the chance of your kids using tobacco and drugs in half and double the changes they’ll bring home A’s on their report cards!!
  6. Respect one another’s space and stuff.  Ask, and it most likely will be given to you.
  7. Guard family traditions, and do your best to celebrate all birthdays, holidays, and major milestones.
  8. Guard the morals and integrity of everyone around you. Be sensitive about how you communicate, what you view, and whom you bring into the family circle.
  9. Be quick to rally around a family member who is down, whether it’s a result of sickness, injury, failure, rejection, or discouragement.
  10. Assume that the Lord Jesus is an ex officio participant in every detail of your family.  Make sure He always feels at home and comfortable with what’s going on.

10 Ways to Be a Great Friend (For your Kids)

  1. Never disparage your friends’ parents.  No matter how much your friends are struggling, always encourage them to do their best to love and respect their mom and dad.
  2. Don’t tease your friends regarding things they are sensitive about (their looks, their weight, their intellect, their family, etc).
  3. Never let them talk you into doing wrong or having fun at someone else’s expense.  Rise above this.  You’ll be a much better friend to them if you do.
  4. Don’t smother them, and don’t let them smother you.  Friends give each other plenty of space.  Encourage them to spend time with their families and other friends.
  5. Be trustworthy with private information they share with you.  Never use their vulnerability against them.
  6. Encourage them when they’re down, and applaud them when they’ve put forth a good effort (in sports, in academics, in relationships, etc).
  7. Make it your aim to help your friends become better people in all areas of their lives (physically, emotionally, intellectually, morally, spiritually, and in regard to their talents).
  8. Be loyal and faithful to your friends should they fall out of favor with the popular crowd or happen to be struggling through a difficult time in their lives (drugs, alcohol, rebellion against their parents, rejection of academic responsibilities, etc).
  9. Be a “fun” friend to be around.  Let your hair down. Don’t be a “stick in the mud.”  Enjoy your times together.
  10. Pray for your friends.  Ask God to use you to build them up and help them feel better about themselves.