Session Descriptions

Session 1 | Why Success Isn’t Enough

  • Introduction to the grace-based parenting model and the four parts or dimensions that make up this grace-based plan for parenting.
  • Introduction to the fourth level of the grace-based parenting plan – True Greatness
  • Concepts in this study are developed further in the book, Raising Kids for True Greatness
  • Enjoy learning about raising your kids the way God raises His – with grace!

Session 2 | The Heart of True Greatness

  • It is easy to focus on the wrong priorities when we are raising our kids.
  • Aiming our kids at a future of success has some major drawbacks.
  • Truly great people are the ones we turn to in our time of need.

Session 3 | The Success Illusion

  • Contrasting the Success Illusion with True Greatness
  • The Four Superficial Measurements that our culture has for success.

Session 4 | The Paradox of True Greatness

  • God’s math is different from the world’s math when it comes to how He adds up the things that truly matter.
  • The Sermon on the Mount gives us many paradoxes that illustrate the heart of true greatness.
  • Those who pursue God’s heart for true greatness gain a reward that lasts forever.

Session 5 | The Secret Weapon of True Greatness

  • Grace is the phenomenal power behind true greatness.
  • There are four qualities of a truly great heart.
  • Parents who live a life of true greatness themselves have the greatest opportunity to build these four qualities into their children’s’ hearts.

Session 6 | Living Large By Thinking Big

  • Our power to raise truly great kids comes from God.
  • Comparing scarcity thinkers with abundant thinkers.
  • Abundant thinking prepares a heart for true greatness.

Session 7 | Preparing Your Children to Answer the Three Biggest Questions in Life

  • The impact of answering these questions well; both here on earth and for eternity.
  • How true greatness prepares our children to thrive in life.
  • You can do it parents.